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Spring 2021

Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman

Stone Federation

Michael is the Specification Manager for Johnsons Wellfield, offering guidance to designers looking to incorporate natural stone into a masonry or landscaping project. His introduction to natural stone came in 1986 on the shop floor of Pawson Brothers, at the time one of the largest dimensional stone quarries in the UK. Following his qualification as an advanced craft stonemason, Michael successfully managed several departments before taking over as the companies works manager. In 1996 Michael spent two years working in the re-claimed stone industry before taking the position of Production Manager at Woodkirk Stone.

In 2005 Michael moved to Johnsons Wellfield taking on several customer focused roles that utilised his knowledge. Michael further added to his experience in 2015 when he accepted a 12-month contract as a masonry consultant for a conservation contractor.  During his 30-years career in the industry, Michael has worked with many of the UK’s top professionals and assisted in the delivery of countless prestigious projects where his in-depth knowledge of stone production has proved to be invaluable to many garden designers, landscape architects and masonry installers.

Michael sits on Stone Federation’s Landscape Forum and Quarry Forum.