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Spring 2021

John Parker

John Parker

The Arboricultural Association

John Parker is Senior Technical Officer at the Arboricultural Association (AA). He has more than ten years of experience in public sector tree management and from 2012-2019 was a member of the Executive Committee of the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA), which he Chaired in 2016-18. John has been a member of the European Forum on Urban Forestry International Steering Group since 2016, and until 2019 was also a Director of the National Association of Tree Officers. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Arboriculturist and a regular contributor to industry publications and national media. John frequently presents at national and international conferences such as the European Forum on Urban Forestry, the AA Amenity Conference, the National Tree Officers Conference, the Institute of Chartered Foresters International Conference and the European Arboricultural Council. he is also involved in several international projects and in 2018 was named Young European Urban Forester of the Year. He is interested in public engagement, green equity, collaboration and promoting the benefits of trees, with particular consideration for their social and cultural value. In 2018 he gave a TED talk entitled Why trees are better than people, which is available online.