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Spring 2021

Seminar Programme 2019



Vegan Gardening

17 Sep 2019
Seminar Theatre 4

Matthew Appleby, Cleve West and Sarah Wilson will discuss everything you need to know about vegan gardening. They’ll talk about what inspired them to adopt a vegan lifestyle and look at some of the environmental and health related issues that they’ve become more aware of as a result.  They will also examine how the vegan movement might impact the world of horticulture and landscaping and whether we need to re-evaluate what we are trying to achieve in light of the impending climate breakdown and predicted species extinction.

As long-standing allotment holders, Matthew and Cleve will be able to share some practical advice and reveal their successes and frustrations during their first steps into veganic gardening where no animal inputs are used.  They will talk about Matthew’s book ‘The Super Organic Gardener – Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Garden’ and ask whether a vegan approach can help mitigate some of the worst predicted environmental catastrophes while providing solutions for a more a sustainable future.
Cleve West - Cleve West Landscape Design
Matthew Appleby - Horticulture Week
Sarah Wilson - Wilson | Vokins