Landscape 2019

Spring 2021

Seminar Programme 2019



Sustainable Water Issues, Rainwater Harvesting, Irrigation and Climate Change Resilience

17 Sep 2019
Seminar Theatre 4

With a changing climate, water usage is an increasingly hot topic and with the Environment Agency screaming that in the next 20 years, England will reach the "jaws of death” and not have enough water to supply our needs, we all need to sit up and take notice.

But what are the facts behind the headlines? 

Who uses all the water, where does our industry fit in and what should we be doing differently?

Our panel of experts will explode the myths, discuss the issues, talk about the solutions and show you how you a well designed irrigation system is always more efficient than hand watering.

Paul Willavoys - Landscapeplus Ltd
Tony Woods - Garden Club London
Nick Ryan - Waterwell
Sam Cox - Landscapeplus