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Planting Trends - Are We Moving Back to Shrubs?

17 Sep 2019
Seminar Theatre 4

The media are full of wonderful images of airy perennial planting, drifts of grasses waft across our screens, while swathes of fashionably coloured perennials dazzle in the journals. My favourite suppliers say that the demand for salvias has never been greater and interesting umbels swell the plant lists in some unexpected places. But grasses and perennials are not a complete solution. In Britain we a blessed with a temperate climate that allows us to grow a vast range of woody shrubs.  These plants can give us structure in the wettest and windiest winters, when the glorious autumn colours of a perennial border have long disintegrated into a soggy mess.

Shows this year have focussed on woodland, cool green planting, but again these are snapshots of a garden, in real life, the hostas are munched, the hellebores get tatty, the heucheras get vine weevil and the nasty pink geranium takes over while the elegant white one is drowned out.

So where are  we going? What are the top trends for the next decade? Will  shocking pink be the new black? And will shrubs  - other than hydrangeas – feature once again on designer plant lists?

Philippa O'Brien - Philippa O'Brien Garden Design