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Are You Charging Enough for Your Designs? Do Your Clients Need Educating on Landscape Costs?

17 Sep 2019
Seminar Theatre 2

Far too many designers  have no idea how to charge, so we will be running a full and frank discussion on fees and costs. This will be hosted by by Emma Mazzullo, who runs the Mazzullo Russell garden design practice; James Scott who runs the Garden Company, a design and build business; Pip O’Brien, a sole practitioner and Rod Winrow on behalf of the Association of Professional Landscapers

Fees are always a burning issue for every mentoring session and meeting of new designers.   Yet there are no guide lines and no-one is willing to talk about them. Many designers do not charge enough to cover their costs, let alone make a profit and they rely on  planting to keep their businesses afloat.

 We should like to give this subject a thorough airing and help  everyone put their fees on a more professional basis.

Emma Mazzullo - Mazzullo + Russell Landscape Design
James Scott - The Garden Company Ltd
Philippa O'Brien - Philippa O'Brien Garden Design
Rod Winrow - Association of Professional Landscapers