Landscape 2019

Spring 2021

LANDSCAPE 2020 Info Pack


Why Exhibit?

Meet Prospective New Customers

LANDSCAPE presents you with an excellent opportunity to engage with potential clients. 82% of LANDSCAPE 2019 visitors were key decision makers or influencers. These are individuals who are specifically looking for products and solutions to suit their business’ needs. Show off your impressive range!

Capture New Data

Individuals from over 60 different countries have attended LANDSCAPE, from Garden Designers to Landscape Architects. Having such a large and diverse pool of visitors allows you to expand your customer database, or perhaps even build an entirely new one!

Improve and Generate Awareness

LANDSCAPE attracts thousands of visitors year-on-year, coming to view every single product in the Landscaping Industry that you can think of! As an exhibitor, you’ll be regularly engaging with visitors face-to-face. Enjoy this opportunity to raise brand awareness and let the world know about what you have to offer!

Demonstrate your Commitment to the Industry

LANDSCAPE is well-established, and highly-regarded in the Landscaping Industry. Those who exhibit at the show are engaging with the most passionate professionals in the industry. So come to Battersea Park on 22nd & 23rd September to meet some of the best in the game!

Build and Create Networks

LANDSCAPE is the perfect place for passionate individuals in the industry to network. In addition to meeting our visitors, you can also meet and do business with fellow exhibitors and meet existing customers to reinforce your relationships.

Launch New Products or Services

Over the years, many companies have launched a new product or service at LANDSCAPE. There’s no better place to introduce your new product or service than Battersea Park, which will be bursting with excited visitors eager to see the very latest innovations in the industry!